Thursday, August 17, 2017

2017 Riverfront Paint Off September 1-8

Riverfront Paint Off 2017, September 1-8, Historic St. Charles, Missouri

     The Riverfront Paint Off is a plein air event hosted by Rebecca McGuire in Historic St. Charles, Missouri. Plein Air, or open air painting, is an exciting way to create art, painting on location and trying to portray the light and atmosphere of the moment. Being out in the elements to paint can provide an inspiriting environment in which to work. Being able to hear and see wildlife, feel the breeze, and see the light change, all have profound effects on perceiving the scene in front of the artist.
     This year marks the 4th year that Rebecca will host the Riverfront Paint Off. Artists will have September 1-7 to create in Historic St. Charles, with specific themes and contests each day. Daily contests will be for cash prizes, or for purchase prizes. A purchase prize sponsor gives a theme or specific subject for the artists to focus on during a timed contest, and then the sponsor chooses their favorite piece to purchase. Our sponsors come from all over St. Charles County to donate to the event or sponsor prizes. Art created during the Paint Off will be displayed at Picasso’s Coffee House on Main, Framations, and Remington’s, during the month of September.
     The Riverfront Paint Off is just getting off the ground as an event, and is beginning to look at giving forward. Last year, artist Jan Foulk was an inspiration to us, giving her prize money to a cause that she has started, buying sewing machines for low income women in Africa, so that they can provide income for their families. By coincidence, the purchase prize sponsors that bought one of Jan’s paintings were the owners of Liviara, a luxery lingerie line based in St. Charles. Textiles and art came full circle to provide textile equipment to help others. At the Awards Reception last year, we also raffled off a small painting to raise money for Alzheimer’s research, in memory of a past sponsor, whose family continues to support the event.
     At the end of each day, winning paintings will be hung at Picasso’s on Main, 101 N. Main Street. By September 8, more art from the event will be displayed at Picasso’s on Main, Framations, and Remington’s. Final Awards Reception will be Friday, September 8, 7pm, with live music at 8pm.
     As the event grows, more sponsors and volunteers are wanted to help the event give back to the artists who provide amazing artwork for us to see.
     Artists can register and view photos from past events here at .
To become a sponsor of the event, contact Rebecca at .

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Today's painting events are going well!  This morning, artists painted in parks in St. Charles. The judge was Gary Nadeau, professional artist. He purchased the winning painting for $300!  The winner for this morning's paint was Jane Flanders!  Congratulations, Jane!  This evening, the artists are out painting Main Street.  Although it's a little chilly, the light is beautiful!  Tonight's judge is Michael Leistner, art teacher at Francis Howell North High School. The winner will receive $250 cash, sponsored by Main Street Church and Used Jewelry Buyer, our neighbors on Main Street.

Thank you, sponsors!

Thank you, volunteers, Matt McGuire, and Kathy Wirtz, for your time and energy, to help the event continue moving along!

Artists, you continue to amaze us all with your creativity and talent! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Attention artists: The start time for this afternoon's paint is now 2:30 instead of 3!  After turning in your piece at 2 for this morning's paint, you may start at 2:30 on the painting of 1708 S. 5th Street. Judging for this evening will still be 8pm at Picasso's on Main, with a $300 purchase prize sponsored by Liviara.

This morning is off to a great start, with 11 artists out painting subjects for the theme, "Old St. Charles." The event opened at 6am, and they have till 2 to work on this theme. Judging at 2pm at 101 N. Main Street, Picasso's Coffee House. $200 cash prize for first place, sponsored by Iron Star, Inc.

Thank you, Paula, for volunteering today to help get the event started!
Thank you, Picasso's staff, for being helpful and so friendly to all the artists!

-Rebecca, Event Host

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Riverfront Paint Off 2016 Schedule of Daily Events 

Check in at Picasso's on Main before participating in timed events.
All painting surfaces must be stamped with event stamp and date to be eligible for judging for timed events, and stamped with event stamp if you plan to "free paint" instead of participating in a timed paint.

Tuesday, September 27
Timed Paint 6am-2pm, judging at Picasso's on Main 2pm with $200 cash prize for first place. Prize sponsored by Penny Pitman of Iron Star, Inc.
Timed Paint 3pm-8pm, commissioned painting of #1708 S. 5th Street. Judging at Picasso's on Main 8pm. First place purchase prize by locally based owners of Liviara.
Artists' social.

Wednesday, September 28
Timed Paint 6am-2pm, judging at Picasso's on Main 2pm. First place purchase prize of $300 sponsored by artist Gary Nadeau.
Timed Paint 3pm-8pm, judging at Picasso's on Main 8pm with $200 cash prize for first place. Sponsors: Main Street Church and Used Jewelry Buyer.
Artists' social.

Thursday, September 29
Timed Paint 6am-4pm, judging at Picasso's on Main 4pm with $200 cash prize for first place, sponsored by Randy and Paula Bernhardt.
Artists' social.

Friday, September 30
Free Paint, a volunteer will be at Picasso's on Main 6:30am-4pm.
Final Judging 4pm at Main Street Chapel (across the street from Picasso's).

Saturday, October 1
Art Opening for display at Picasso's on Main 6pm.
Awards for Best of Show, Second, and Third Place at 6:30pm.
Best of Show will win $250 cash prize sponsored by Ron Link in memory of Nan Link. A portion of the proceeds from the Riverfront Paint Off will be donated to Alzheimer's research in honor of Nan Link.
Live music by Rick Gray 8-11pm.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Riverfront Paint Off 2015 Schedule of Events
Friday, September 4.
-Timed paint 6:30am-6pm.
Check in at Picasso’s, 101 N. Main. Get paper or canvas stamped with event stamp. You do not have to start painting at 6:30am, but the event is open from that time. Coffee and water provided by Picasso's.
-You may also “free paint”, if you do not want to participate in the timed event, as long as paper or canvas is stamped with event stamp.
-Artwork turned in for judging and/or display must be wired or framed for hanging.
Friday’s prize is sponsored by Penny Pitman, a businesswoman, building owner, and patron of the arts. Artists will receive addresses of buildings on Main Street to paint.
-At 6pm at Picasso’s on Main, Penny will judge the paintings, and choose a winner to purchase for a $200 cash prize.
Picasso’s will host acoustic originals by Déja, from 8pm-11pm. Picasso’s also has a special Friday evening: Buy a bottle of wine and get a small plate item for free!

 Saturday, September 5.
Timed Paint 6:30am-1pm.
Check in at Picasso’s, 101 N. Main. Get paper or canvas stamped with event stamp.
You do not have to start painting at 6:30am, but the event is opens at that time. Coffee and water provided by Picasso's.
Artists may also “free paint”, if you do not want to participate in the timed event, as long as paper or canvas is stamped with event stamp.
-Artwork turned in for judging and/or display must be wired or framed for hanging.
Saturday’s prize is sponsored by Main Street Church and Randy and Paula Bernhardt. At 1pm at Picasso’s on Main, paintings will be judged at Picasso’s on Main, with a $200 cash prize for the winner.

Final Contest judging Saturday, Sept. 5, 3pm at Main Street Church, across the street from Picasso’s, with awards at 6:30pm at Picasso’s Coffee House.

Opening Reception for the Riverfront Paint Off at Picasso’s on Main, Saturday, Sept. 5, 6:30pm-11pm.  Art will be displayed at Picasso’s on Main from September 5-30, and at Framation’s and Remington’s Sept. 5-Oct. 8. Any paintings remaining at Picasso’s on Sept. 30 will be moved to Framation’s and Remington’s for sale and display until Oct. 8. Artists are responsible for picking up artwork from Framation’s and/or Remington’s on Oct. 8.

Monday, August 24, 2015

2015 Paint Off! September 4-5 in Historic St. Charles, MO

Call for Artists!

Come paint in a two day
contest in beautiful
St. Charles, Missouri,
September 4-5.

Artists, you are invited to come paint in Historic St. Charles, September 4th-5th, 2015, and display artwork from the event at Picasso’s Sept. 4th-30th, and at Framations and Remington’s Sept. 5th-Oct. 8th

Paint beautiful Historic St. Charles with other local artists!  Enjoy the community of Main Street while creating art and competing for cash prizes! 
The event will be based at Picasso’s Coffee House at 101 N. Main Street, St. Charles.  Registration fee: $20. Your canvas or paper must be stamped with the event stamp before you start creating! 

Painting will take place Friday, Sept. 4th, 6:30am-6pm, with judging and awards 6pm-7pm at Picasso’s; and on Saturday, Sept. 5th, 6:30am-1pm, with judging and awards from 1-2pm at Picasso’s on Main Street. Final judging Saturday, Sept. 5th, 3pm at Main Street Church, with awards at 6:30pm at Picasso’s Coffee House. Reception Saturday, 6:30pm-11pm at Picasso’s. 

Artwork will be displayed for sale at Picasso's on Main Street, Sept. 4-30; Framations, 218 N. Main St., Sept.5-Oct. 8; and Remington's, 302 N. Main Street, Sept. 5-Oct. 8. 

Contact Rebecca McGuire, the Event Host, with questions.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2nd Annual Riverfront Paint Off begins September 1st!

Sept 1 - 7, 2013

     A week-long painting event in Historic St. Charles! Come see artists create in beautiful St. Charles, and see their artwork displayed in local galleries! 

     The artists are displaying their artwork at Picasso’s Coffee House as the guest artists for the month of September. Also see their artwork at Framations (218 N. Main Street) and Remington’s (302 North Main Street) from September 7th till the end of the month. This event is hosted by Rebecca of Dog-Eared Books, LLC.  Learn more!

     The Best of Show is Konstantin Kublanov!  He won over $180 in cash and prizes from Robin's Nest on the Katy Trail, and St. Charles businesses!  He is also automatically juried into the Spring Artwalk, sponsored by the St. Charles Riverfront Arts Council.  Konstantin will also be featured in a donated half page article in the Streetscape Magazine!  
      Second Place is Juliette Travous, with her beautiful pastel of the Missouri River!  Juliette won over $120 in gift cards and gift items from Main Street Businesses.  
      Marty Coulter won Third Place with his oil painting "Eco Park"!  He won a $50 gift card donated by Donatelli's Bistro in Lake St. Louis.  

Special thanks to our photographer, Rich Brock!  He donated his time this week to take beautiful photos of the artists and their work!  Photos will be posted soon!  

      Labor Day, September 2, we had 12 artists out in St. Charles, painting the beautiful weather!  This morning, for the Sunrise paint, art patrons, Mr. and Mrs. Bernhardt, chose a painting to purchase as the first place for the paint off.  The winner this morning was Judy Brown, with her lovely watercolor!  She took home a $200 check, donated by the Bernhardts. 
     Also on Labor Day, we hosted an afternoon paint from noon till 4, with the theme, "Afternoon on Main Street".  The winner, chosen by Mr. Leistner, local art teacher, was Marty Coulter!  The prize for 1st place was a gift basket with gift items, gift cards, and cash from local businesses, valued at $150.  Pictures to come soon! 

     Tuesday, September 3, artists painted in a Timed Paint in the morning with the theme, "Signs of Life".  The two participating artists created beautiful work, and split the gift basket prize.  In the evening, 5 artists worked to paint the sunset in just 3 hours!  The winner of the sunset paint was Marty Coulter!  

     Wednesday, September 4, artists painted 136 S. Main Street, as commissioned by building owner Penny Pitman.  Penny picked her favorite painting to buy for $200, as the first place.  Linda Green-Metzler was the winner!  Thank you to Penny for sponsoring on such short notice!  
     Wednesday evening we also did a sunset paint.  Artists brought in their lovely paintings, and then voted to choose a winner Artists' Choice style.  Lorraine McFarland was chosen by her peers as having the best painting of the evening!  

     Thursday, we had our last Timed Paint, from 9am-2pm, with the theme, "Street Scenes".  Sean Long, local art teacher chose Becky Helton's beautiful oil painting as the nicest portrayal of a street scene, in an unconventional style.  

     These paintings are all hanging at Picasso's Coffee House for the month of September!