Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Today's painting events are going well!  This morning, artists painted in parks in St. Charles. The judge was Gary Nadeau, professional artist. He purchased the winning painting for $300!  The winner for this morning's paint was Jane Flanders!  Congratulations, Jane!  This evening, the artists are out painting Main Street.  Although it's a little chilly, the light is beautiful!  Tonight's judge is Michael Leistner, art teacher at Francis Howell North High School. The winner will receive $250 cash, sponsored by Main Street Church and Used Jewelry Buyer, our neighbors on Main Street.

Thank you, sponsors!

Thank you, volunteers, Matt McGuire, and Kathy Wirtz, for your time and energy, to help the event continue moving along!

Artists, you continue to amaze us all with your creativity and talent! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Attention artists: The start time for this afternoon's paint is now 2:30 instead of 3!  After turning in your piece at 2 for this morning's paint, you may start at 2:30 on the painting of 1708 S. 5th Street. Judging for this evening will still be 8pm at Picasso's on Main, with a $300 purchase prize sponsored by Liviara.

This morning is off to a great start, with 11 artists out painting subjects for the theme, "Old St. Charles." The event opened at 6am, and they have till 2 to work on this theme. Judging at 2pm at 101 N. Main Street, Picasso's Coffee House. $200 cash prize for first place, sponsored by Iron Star, Inc.

Thank you, Paula, for volunteering today to help get the event started!
Thank you, Picasso's staff, for being helpful and so friendly to all the artists!

-Rebecca, Event Host

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Riverfront Paint Off 2016 Schedule of Daily Events 

Check in at Picasso's on Main before participating in timed events.
All painting surfaces must be stamped with event stamp and date to be eligible for judging for timed events, and stamped with event stamp if you plan to "free paint" instead of participating in a timed paint.

Tuesday, September 27
Timed Paint 6am-2pm, judging at Picasso's on Main 2pm with $200 cash prize for first place. Prize sponsored by Penny Pitman of Iron Star, Inc.
Timed Paint 3pm-8pm, commissioned painting of #1708 S. 5th Street. Judging at Picasso's on Main 8pm. First place purchase prize by locally based owners of Liviara.
Artists' social.

Wednesday, September 28
Timed Paint 6am-2pm, judging at Picasso's on Main 2pm. First place purchase prize of $300 sponsored by artist Gary Nadeau.
Timed Paint 3pm-8pm, judging at Picasso's on Main 8pm with $200 cash prize for first place. Sponsors: Main Street Church and Used Jewelry Buyer.
Artists' social.

Thursday, September 29
Timed Paint 6am-4pm, judging at Picasso's on Main 4pm with $200 cash prize for first place, sponsored by Randy and Paula Bernhardt.
Artists' social.

Friday, September 30
Free Paint, a volunteer will be at Picasso's on Main 6:30am-4pm.
Final Judging 4pm at Main Street Chapel (across the street from Picasso's).

Saturday, October 1
Art Opening for display at Picasso's on Main 6pm.
Awards for Best of Show, Second, and Third Place at 6:30pm.
Best of Show will win $250 cash prize sponsored by Ron Link in memory of Nan Link. A portion of the proceeds from the Riverfront Paint Off will be donated to Alzheimer's research in honor of Nan Link.
Live music by Rick Gray 8-11pm.